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lovemore brand trailer


I got the chance to help build “lovemore by Motsi Mabuse” from scratch. As part of the brand development I did the creative conception for the new cosmetics brand including the launch. One main piece for launching lovemore was the conception and execution of the brand trailer and brand images. As the Art Director of the project, I also took over organization and implementation of the whole photo und video production.

Motsi Mabuse it a real force of energy, absolutely inspiring and a beautiful person inside and out, as are all her dancers on the shoot.



lovemore by Motsi Mabuse

My Job

Art Direction, Production Lead (Photo/Video), Campaign Development, Creative Conception

Video + Postproduction

Jannik Pape – product shot mastery


Lukas Kuciel, Leony Jehmlich


Alice Juhas