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JWC Mother’s Day Campaign

One of the bigger online marketing and social media campaigns for Judith Williams Cosmetics. The themes and products have been defined by sales and e-commerce, so I tried to create a campaign that brings value to the customer and create turnover for the company. Campaign planning, landing page setup, storytelling, visual and strategic content development. The implementation of the visuals/graphic and 3D designs has been done by my creative team, the product photography by me. We learned with every one of the campaigns, this is just one of many that created a look that has been reused and recycled because it resonated so well with the audience. It’s hugely important to learn and adapt what works and what doesn’t.



Judith Williams Cosmetics

My Job

Campaign Development, Creative Conception, Art Direction, Production Lead (Photo/Video), Photographer, Retouching

3D Design

Matteo Durda